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Prison official reveals confidential facts about Bobrisky



Prison official reveals confidential facts about Bobrisky

Following the controversial case on infamous crossdresser Bobrisky that sees the socialite become a famed resident of the Ikoyi Custodial Centre, a high-ranking officer at the facility has shed light on the examination conducted upon the celebrity’s admission.

According to reports from PUNCH, the official revealed that despite Bobrisky’s claims of gender realignment, no alterations to his biological features were discovered during the examination process.

“Bobrisky made public declarations regarding his gender, and court proceedings are public records. Every inmate undergoes examination upon admission, and no realignment of gender or genital organ was found,” the official stated.

Detailing Bobrisky’s routine within the facility, the official emphasized that the celebrity receives no preferential treatment and adheres to the same regulations as other inmates.

“He attends classes, receives his portion of food, and follows the schedule for prep and lights out like all other inmates,” the official clarified.

Addressing viral reports suggesting Bobrisky was being shielded from potential abuse, the official refuted the claims, asserting that Bobrisky faces the same rules and regulations as his peers. Additionally, the official highlighted the center’s measures to prevent outbreaks of communicable diseases and reiterated the prohibition of homosexuality within the facility.

“Bobrisky is not receiving five-star treatment or protection from other inmates. He is subject to the same rules, and any attempts to violate him will be met with legal consequences,” the official concluded.

The statements from the Ikoyi Custodial Centre official aim to dispel rumors and provide clarity regarding Bobrisky’s incarceration, emphasizing equality in treatment and adherence to established regulations within the facility.