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“Kim Kardashian wishes she looked like Beyonce” — Nick Cannon



"Kim Kardashian wishes she looked like Beyonce" -- Nick Cannon

Amidst social media backlash over Beyoncé‘s appearance at the “Renaissance” film premiere on Saturday, Nov. 25, where critics drew comparisons to Kim Kardashian, Nick Cannon stepped forward in defense of the music icon.

The online criticism targeted Beyoncé’s ensemble, with some users alleging that her look resembled that of Kim Kardashian and suggested she was attempting to appear like a “white woman.”

In response to the backlash, Nick Cannon, the 43-year-old rapper and former partner of Kim Kardashian, ardently defended Beyoncé on the “Daily Cannon Show.”

"Kim Kardashian wishes she looked like Beyonce" -- Nick Cannon

He rebuffed the accusations by asserting, “Kim Kardashian wants to look like Beyoncé,” and further reiterated, “Kim Kardashian wishes she looked like that.”

Cannon emphatically expressed that Beyoncé, aged 42, has maintained a consistent appearance since she was 16, reinforcing the idea that Beyoncé’s style and essence have been enduring and unique to her.

Addressing critics, Cannon labeled those who made such comparisons as “out of [their] f–king mind,” vehemently rejecting any notion of Beyoncé imitating Kim Kardashian.

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Kim Kardashian

While Cannon’s co-hosts Courtney Bee and Abby De La Rosa sided with his defense of Beyoncé, another co-host, Mason Moussette, acknowledged seeing resemblances between Beyoncé and Kardashian in side-by-side snapshots at “the right distance.”

However, Bee, aged 26, contested this perspective, attributing the negative comments to issues such as lighting and the lamentable tendency for some individuals to generalize all Black people’s appearances.