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Beyonce opens up on what online critics did to daughter



Beyonce opens up on what online critics did to daughter

American singer, Beyoncé disclosed a poignant incident involving her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, during the premiere of the Renaissance film in Los Angeles on Saturday, Nov. 25.

The megastar shared that despite initially resisting, she eventually allowed Blue Ivy, aged 11, to perform with her, marking what was intended to be a one-time appearance.

However, following the performance, Beyoncé expressed disappointment upon discovering that Blue Ivy had encountered negative online comments regarding her dance moves, described by some as “uninspired” and “stiff.” Criticism surfaced online, including remarks insinuating that Blue Ivy’s participation was due solely to her mother’s fame rather than her own talent.

The global icon, taken aback by the negative reception, revealed feeling “dismayed” upon learning that her daughter had seen social media comments criticizing her performance. Despite this, Beyoncé expressed immense pride when Blue Ivy chose to persevere and “put in the work” instead of letting the criticisms deter her.

Consequently, Blue Ivy continued to join her mother in dance performances across various tour stops, showcasing resilience and determination.

Blue Ivy made her debut appearance on the Renaissance World Tour in Paris on May 26, captivating audiences with her dance moves to the songs “My Power” and “Black Parade.”

In response to this incident, fans have taken to social media, including X (formerly Twitter), to condemn the act of trolling children, emphasizing the need to protect young individuals from such unwarranted negativity online.