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“My body is an expression of my art” — Nancy Isime



"My body is an expression of my art" -- Nancy Isime

Actress and presenter Nancy Isime has taken to social media to address the concerns and misconceptions surrounding her recent weight loss, sparking discussions among her followers.

The notable transformation in Isime’s physique, particularly highlighted in a gym snapshot, prompted speculation and inquiries from fans, who expressed worry about her altered appearance.

In response, Nancy Isime shared a post on Instagram to provide clarity on her weight loss journey, revealing that the transformation was a deliberate effort to shed the pounds gained for a movie role.

She acknowledged the challenges she faced during the process while expressing her satisfaction with the progress made.

Dismissive of the rumors circulating about her physical appearance, Nancy Isime adopted a lighthearted approach, finding amusement in the speculation and encouraging those involved to exercise creativity in their narratives.

Emphasizing her commitment to personal growth and achievement, Isime declared her current state as her healthiest weight yet, surpassing her initial weight loss goals by an additional 3 kg.

In her Instagram post, she asserted her identity as Nancy Isime, a woman of high value who sets and accomplishes personal goals at her discretion, while also highlighting the connection between her body and her artistic expression as an actor.

She wrote:

"My body is an expression of my art" -- Nancy Isime

“I’m Nancy Isime, Of course I achieve everything I set my mind on☺️I’m a high Value Woman, Of course I set personal goals and smash them as I please☺️

“I’m an Actor, Of course my body is also an expression of my art🥰”