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”I’m not a Jesus baby” – Nancy Isime speaks on her relationship with God



”I’m not a Jesus baby” – Nancy Isime speaks on her relationship with God

Popular Nigerian actress Nancy Isime has given her fans and followers a spiritual side of her personality.

The beautiful actress, in a post on her Instagram page, penned down hat her relationship is like with God, and how she doesn’t identify herself as a Jesus baby, or a Jesus baddie, a common Gen Z slang.

According to her, she is a child of God and a Christian by birth and by choice.

She also told of her encounter with popular and yet controversial man of God, Apostle Joshua Nimmak Selman.

In her post, Nancy Isime wrote;

”Last week, I was able to physically join the miracle service at @koinonia.abuja and it was everything!

Not only was I a part of the service, I also got to meet and pray with the Earthly Head of the Church – Apostle Joshua Nimmak Selman.

Apostle Joshua Selman isn’t just a servant of the manifold Grace of God, he’s also a Great teacher and leader through and through.

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His Sermons have been a part of the transformative process of my mind and faith. You should listen to: What Seekest Thou Laws of Seasons Lessons from an overcomer Jesus is my Peace ( My Girl @sharonooja put me on this one)

Today’s service which hammered on Grace is also an amazing one to look out for.
Please check @koinonia.abuja for details on
how to connect with their services/ Apostle’s teachings on all platforms.

Thankful to my friend @mosesbliss for
ensuring this happened for me. Thankful to Sister Esther for also ensuring I got the best experience.

God is Good and my life is a testimony of the goodness of God. My story is evidence that l have the backing of God the father, the Son and the Holyspirit. I do not walk alone.

P.S: I am NOT a Jesus Baby, Jesus Baddie or
whatever labels comes with identifying with
Christ in recent times.

lam a Child of God and a Christian by birth and by Choice. Far from perfect but I’ve found my peace with Jesus.

I however do not discriminate against people who communicate with God through other religions.

It is not my place to judge. If I’m Christian, it means I’m Christ like and Christ never discriminated, judged, labeled, he wasn’t even religious.

He was accessible to all and his message was Love, Goodness and Salvation. This is what I stand for. My relationship with God is personal and not for Man’s understanding and acceptance.”

See the post below;

Apart from Nancy Isime, quite a number of celebrities have been open about their practice of the Christian faith, and their personal relationships with God.

A few months back, popular comedian and actor Bovi detailed how he survived a spiritual attack by the Grace of God.

Celebrity fashion designer Veekee James has also been open about her faith with God, and often posts Christian related content.

Actress Sharon Ooja has also openly practiced her Christian faith, and her trolls were able to witness it when she used Bible verses to curse them.

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