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Men or Women: Who are the real victims of Paternity Fraud?



Men or Women: Who are the real victims Paternity Fraud?

Paternity fraud has become the ruckus on the internet in the last couple of days as more cases have been unearthed by husbands who were able to summon the courage to conduct a paternity check, courtesy of a DNA test on their ‘alleged’ kids.

While social media seem divided on who the fault rests on or who the blame should solely be pushed to, the narrative continues to ignore the true victims of this diabolical act — the children. Innocent beings raised to believe they are someone who they are not.

Innocent bastards not of their own making but the failure of society to honor the sanctity of marriage and fidelity by both men and women who believe marriage vows are just words that could be lost to lust.

Paternity fraud should and would never be a case to be looked at if both parties did not delude themselves in trying to play the long game against their respective significant other.

While it stands easy to blame the female folk for trying to pass a child as another man’s baby, there stands the reality of a man willing to give up his duty as a father to another man to bear the burden.

Blames can go around for everyone involved in the scam called ‘paternity fraud’, but there is no bigger injustice than a man who indulged in an affair knowingly with a married woman or in some cases, a woman soon to be married, willing to trade his responsibility to a child he sired.

Men or Women: Who are the real victims Paternity Fraud?

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Of course, there are cases where said child grows up being all the better for it, but what is the reality of a child who is raised to believe they are someone they never were? And worse of, come to realize it into their adult years?

In the case of a paternity fraud, it becomes nature against nurture waging a battle against an innocent bastard. A bastard whose only crime was to be birthed into a society through the wicked actions of a man and woman.

What society and the internet fails to get, is that debates should not be held over who is to blame but the act itself condemned for the injustice it is. No child deserves to be raised under a false identity, and it is even more unfair to deny a child its real ‘father’.