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Leeds Owner not happy with how they treated Chelsea



Leeds Owner not happy with how they treated Chelsea

Leeds owner, Andrea Radrizzani has clearly confessed that the club and him personally was not happy with how they treated Chelsea in the transfer situation with Barcelona.

The transfer clasico between Chelsea and Barcelona is the stuff of legend, but if Leeds United owner had a control over things, it would have played out differently with the Raphina saga.

On paper at the moment, it felt like they did Chelsea over, but the Leeds owner confessing to how it played out, reveals Leeds themselves were pawns in the game.

The Leeds owner reveals how ashamed he felt having to tell Chelsea and its owner, Todd Boehly that their position has changed regarding Raphina.

Leeds Owner not happy with how they treated Chelsea Leeds Owner not happy with how they treated Chelsea

It can be recalled that Leeds originally had no plans selling Raphina to Barcelona, instead they were more happy to sell to Chelsea in the window, only for things to change along the way.

According to Andrea Radrizzani, he said:

“For me, it was done, and when I have a deal my word is my word. I felt ashamed to go back to Todd Boehly and change my position.

“We made the deal with Chelsea because the player wanted to go and he was open to listening to offers from Premier League clubs.

“Chelsea was in his favourable [option]. But unfortunately, let’s say Barcelona influences convinced the player to wait, to wait, to wait until they could find a solution.

Leeds Owner not happy with how they treated Chelsea

“This shows again the power and the leverage players and their agents have in the system, which for me is exaggerated, too much.

“We do a lot of investment to build clubs. We invest hundreds of millions but all the power it seems to be [with] agents and representatives of these players.”

From Raphina’s perspective, it was nothing personal against Chelsea, instead he clarifies:

“All my idols played and made history here so it’s a huge honour and I can’t thank Barca enough for giving me the chance to wear this jersey,” speaking about why he favored Barcelona and refused a move to the Blue side or Red side of London.

The deal was one that excited Barcelona’s president, Joan Laporta though, as he stated after the signing that:

Leeds Owner not happy with how they treated Chelsea

“The beautiful game is back to Barcelona and that’s very meaningful to our club,” he said.

“For us, it is very exciting because all of us who have lived through Barca golden times, there has always been a Brazilian. Raphinha reminds us of this tradition; and he is here to pick up that baton.

“Xavi wanted to have Raphinha and we have done what we could. At all times, Raphinha has shown his desire to sign for Barca and that has been very important.”

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