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Liverpool to take part in World Cup



Liverpool to take part in World Cup

World Cup, traditional are for countries to come together on the international stage to compete for a global trophy, and not for clubs to take part in, but Merseyside club, Liverpool aren’t ready to listen to such narratives.

Instead, the club has confirmed they will be taking part in the World Cup also, albeit in a different manner.

The Anfield club will be holding a training camp in Dubai, close to the Qatar World tournament so that its players not taking part in the tournament will feel the tournament and keep them prepared for the sprint that will follow up the end of the tournament.

The manager, Jurgen Klopp could have as many as 12 players who would not be involved in the World Cup, ready to take part in the training camp from the moment the tournament begins in November to when it ends in December 18.

Liverpool to take part in World Cup Liverpool to take part in World Cup

Those who get knocked out early in the competition will join up with the squad immediately as explained by the reports.

The camp was originally meant to be held in Cape Town of South Africa but the club chose Dubai due to its nearness to Qatar.

According to Liverpool’s Assistant Manager, Pep Lijnders:

“A lot of our players will go to the World Cup so we will go to Dubai with the players who stay behind. The season gets interrupted. The team that deals well with that will have a bigger chance for sure. ⁣

“Last season felt like a marathon with 63 games. This season feels like it’s a sprint, a break and then a sprint again. So it is important to start fast and Dubai has to create that: we start fast again after the World Cup.”

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