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Katsina community, group organizes special prayers to commemorate late president Yar’adua



Katsina community, group organizes special prayers to commemorate late president Yar’adua

A community-based organization in Katsina, known as the Pleasant Library and Book Club (PLBC), has orchestrated a series of events to honour the memory of late President Umaru Yar’adua, marking the 14th Yar’adua’s Remembrance Day.

Speaking to reporters in Katsina on Friday, Dr. Mukhtar Alqasim, a member of the group, announced that special prayers were held across Juma’at Mosques in the state as part of the commemorative activities.

The PLBC, as a community organization, reached out to all Imams across the state to include the special prayer during their Friday sermons, which was duly conducted.

In addition to the prayers, the PLBC has arranged visits to orphanages, homes for the elderly, and psychiatric facilities, where they plan to distribute essential items such as food and clothing.

The commemorative activities culminate in the launch of a book titled “What Yar’adua Told and Taught Me,” featuring reflections on 23 years of life lessons learned under the mentorship of the late president. The book, comprising over 300 pages, will be presented during a ceremony on Sunday by PLBC President, Dr. Muttaqa Rabe-Darma.

Notable personalities are expected to speak at the event, offering insights into the late president’s legacy. Another prayer session will also be held at the venue.

The PLBC has received full support from the state government in organizing these events, underscoring the significance of commemorating the late President Yar’adua’s contributions and leadership.

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