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Yakubu Gowon praises late president Yar’adua’s leadership at international conference



Yakubu Gowon

Former Military Head of State, Yakubu Gowon, praised late President Umaru Yar’adua‘s leadership, expressing that Nigeria would have prospered had he completed his tenure.

Speaking at the first President Umaru Musa Yar’adua international leadership conference and awards organized by the Global Initiative for Leadership Success in Abuja, Gowon highlighted Yar’Adua’s integrity and achievements.

Gowon noted that Yar’Adua was a man of absolute integrity, decency, and honesty. He commended the late president for his sincerity in addressing Nigeria’s challenges, including his efforts to tackle corruption and his establishment of the Niger Delta amnesty program.

According to Gowon, Yar’Adua’s amnesty initiative played a crucial role in stabilizing the economy by addressing the issues in the Niger Delta region.

Reflecting on Yar’Adua’s presidency, Gowon emphasized the late leader’s commitment to honesty and his incorruptibility.

He also recalled Yar’Adua’s acknowledgement of flaws in the electoral process that brought him to power and his subsequent efforts to address them.

Yar’Adua assumed office as President of Nigeria in 2007 but sadly passed away in 2010 due to ill health.

Despite the brevity of his tenure, Gowon believes that Yar’Adua’s leadership qualities and achievements leave a lasting legacy and serve as an inspiration for future leaders.

The conference and awards ceremony provided a platform to honour Yar’Adua’s memory and celebrate his contributions to leadership and nation-building in Nigeria. Attendees at the event paid tribute to the late president’s exemplary character and his dedication to serving the country.

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