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Joy, Excitement, Trails As Final Year Students of Nigerian Institute of Journalisms Reflect on Their Journey



PUBLISHED by Bamidele Esther Busola

NAME: Bamidele Esther Busola
COURSE TITLE: Multimedia and Online Journalism
TITLE: Joy, Excitement, Trails As Final Year Students of Nigerian Institute of Journalisms Reflect on Their Journey

In a remarkable achievement, the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) witnessed a joyful moment as HND2 students proudly graduated, marking the culmination of their studies.

The students who just concluded their final examinations on Thursday, took to the school premises to jubilate, ‘sign out’ and had s with their legs to appreciate their learning journey so far.

Among the shining graduates were Aluko Abiodun and Josephine Opeyemi, two exceptional individuals who showcased tremendous dedication and talent throughout their academic sojourns.

Abiodun, an aspiring multimedia journalist, expressed immense gratitude for the knowledge and practical skills gained during his time at the institute.

“NIJ has provided us with a solid foundation in journalism. We’ve learned how to gather and analyze news, tell compelling stories, and ethically navigate the dynamic media landscape,” Abiodun remarked.

Josephine, on the other hand, emphasized the crucial role of internships in shaping her career.

“Through internships, I was able to refine my reporting skills and build important connections in the industry. NIJ as a name, helped me secure valuable internships at renowned media organizations, which guided my growth as a professional.”

Their success did not come easy, as among others faced numerous challenges while pursuing their Higher National Diploma (HND) programme.

Abiodun and Josephine among others commended their school management and peers for their unwavering support throughout the program.

“Our lecturers played a pivotal role in our growth. They provided mentorship, encouraged critical thinking, and emphasized the importance of ethics in journalism,” Josephine shared.

Looking ahead, Abiodun and Josephine expressed their eagerness to contribute meaningfully to the media landscape. Abiodun intends to leverage his multimedia skills to create impactful visual stories, while Josephine is passionate about investigative journalism and wants to shed light on societal issues.

In conclusion, the final examinations of HND2 students from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism have had several reactions among students, lecturers, and well-wishers.

The student’s accomplishment highlights their commitment to the field of journalism and serves as a vibrant testament to their readiness to make a positive impact in the media industry.

Doris Israel Ijeoma is a journalist with special interest in politics, entertainment, tech and digital marketing. For inquiries, you can reach her via 08097099378.

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