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Why my daughter ‘hates’ Golf — Tiger Woods



Why my daughter 'hates' Golf -- Tiger Woods

For a Golf celebrity, and a man who made his fame thanks to knowing how to whip a ball from a far range into a hole you would think what Tiger Woods does for a living is famous at home, but according to the Golf celeb, it is quite the opposite. And for a good reason.

Tiger Woods recently opened up about his 16-year-old daughter’s disinterest in the sport, attributing her lack of enthusiasm to feeling distanced from him due to his demanding schedule.

During an appearance on Carson Daly’s “Today” show on Wednesday, May 30, Woods disclosed that his daughter, Sam Woods, harbors negative sentiments towards golf because she associates it with the extended periods of time he spent away from home while traveling for tournaments.

Woods recounted the challenges of having to leave for weeks at a time, which he believes created a “negative connotation” surrounding the sport for Sam.

“I had to pack and I had to leave. I had to be gone for weeks. And there’s a negative connotation to it.” Woods said.

Despite her reservations, Sam has shown support for her father’s career by caddying for him at the PNC Championship in December and delivering a speech at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2022.

However, Woods indicated that Sam has little interest in learning to play golf herself, leading them to foster a bond through activities unrelated to the sport.

Thankfully for Tiger Woods though, he shares a different dynamic with his 15-year-old son, Charlie Woods, whom he partners with in golf-related activities. Describing their relationship as centered around the sport, Woods explained that he and Charlie engage in various golf-related endeavors together.

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