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It’s not just about one player — Bruno Fernandes



It's not just about one player -- Bruno Fernandes

Fixing Manchester United isn’t just about one player doing the job, Bruno Fernandes tells his teammates.

Following the 2-0 defeat to Real Madrid in the recent pre-season fixture, the new captain of the Red Devils’ team has called on the players in the team to bring their cards to the table and prove their points to the team.

This is in response to being asked whether new Manchester United signing from Chelsea, Mason Mount has a lot to prove to the team.

Mason Mount following his debut against Leeds United for the Red Devils’ side has not had the promising performance that his transfer to the club had promised.

To that defense, Bruno Fernandes name drops a couple of his teammates as also having points to prove in the team, stating;

“I have a point to prove, so does Licha, Casemiro, Rapha , Andre, Harry, Victor,” as quoted by Mirror UK.

“It’s not about him [Mason Mount]. He doesn’t have to prove anything more than anyone else.”