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Israel: America to retaliate with more sanctions on Iran



Israel: America to retaliate with more sanctions on Iran

The United States of America and the European Union are considering additional sanctions against Iran as retaliatory moves for its recent attack on Israel over the weekend.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that she anticipates taking action “in the coming days,” while EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell affirmed that the bloc is actively working on implementing further sanctions.

Israel has been urging its allies to impose sanctions specifically targeting Tehran’s missile program. This push for sanctions comes after the expiration of United Nations sanctions related to Iran’s missile program in October.

While these UN sanctions were part of a broader agreement aimed at limiting Iran’s nuclear program, several countries, including the US, EU, and UK, continued to enforce sanctions and imposed additional ones.

The recent attack, described as Iran’s first direct assault on Israel, involved over 300 missiles and drones launched from multiple locations, including Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Although most of the projectiles were intercepted by Israel and its allies, the attack has raised tensions in the region.

In response to the attack, Israel has focused primarily on diplomatic efforts, urging more than 30 countries to impose sanctions on Iran’s missile program and calling for the designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization. While the US has already designated the IRGC as such, the UK has yet to follow suit.

US Treasury Secretary Yellen mentioned that potential sanctions against Iran could target its oil exports and terrorist financing activities. She emphasized the US’s commitment to using financial sanctions to isolate Iran and disrupt its support for proxy groups and involvement in conflicts like Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan indicated that the forthcoming sanctions would extend to Iran’s missile and drone program, as well as targeting entities like the Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian defense ministry. He also anticipated that allies and partners would join in imposing similar measures.

The EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, acknowledged requests from member states to expand sanctions against Iran and pledged to initiate the necessary procedures within the EU’s diplomatic framework.

Amid escalating tensions, world leaders have urged restraint to prevent further escalation in the Middle East. US President Joe Biden reiterated his support for Israel while calling for de-escalation and restraint. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak emphasized the importance of avoiding significant escalation, urging calm heads to prevail.

The G7 group of advanced economies is coordinating a diplomatic response to the situation, while Iran has signaled that it considers the matter concluded unless Israel retaliates.