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Intercommunal violence erupts in Benue state’s North Bank, claiming lives, homes



Crisis in Benue state: lives lost, homes ablaze in North Bank unrest

A recent outbreak of intercommunal violence in the North Bank area of Makurdi, Benue State, has resulted in significant casualties and property damage.

The conflict, primarily between the Tiv and Jukun indigenous groups, escalated on Monday following initial clashes on Sunday.

According to reports from Nura Umar, Commander of the local vigilante group Operation Shara (Sweep), the violence claimed the lives of at least two individuals and left several others injured.

The victims, identified as innocent labourers, fell victim to the unrest.

The situation worsened as multiple homes were set ablaze, particularly in the Agatashi community near the old bridge.

Umar also mentioned that two individuals were shot during a church service on Sunday, but they survived and are currently receiving medical attention.

Despite the severity of the situation, the Benue State Police Command has yet to issue an official statement regarding the incident, leaving residents anxious and concerned about their safety.