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If you can’t trust Igbos with presidency then you can’t trust them with protest – Kanayo



If you can’t trust Igbos with presidency then you can’t trust them with protest – Kanayo

Kanayo O Kanayo, a renowned Nigerian actor, has advised the Igbo community to refrain from joining any upcoming nationwide protest targeting the Tinubu-led government.

According to him, if Nigerians are hesitant to entrust the Igbo people with the presidency, individuals from the South-east want to make it clear that they also cannot be relied upon to participate in protests.

Kanayo delivered a cautionary message in a video shared on his Instagram account in response to the recent appeals for Igbo individuals to participate in protests against the ongoing economic challenges.

The actor highlighted that Igbos are often the focus in various aspects in Nigeria, emphasizing the importance of Ndigbo joining in to sing along with Davido’s unavailable song.


He said; “Hunger has no religion. I have been looking for stores where only Muslims or Christians buy but I can’t see. So, I want to urge all Igbos to sing along with Davido’s ‘I’m unavailable’. Ndigbo are not available for protest in Nigeria.


“It’s unfortunate that we are all going through this economic hardship but the fact is we are not available because in our own matters.



“We are always the target, we should learn from what happened. Let’s guard ourselves and ensure that people who said we cannot be trusted with leadership, we also want to tell them that we can also not be trusted with protest.”


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