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Kanayo O Kanayo Speaks, Criticizes Butt Lift Surgery, Narrates Tragic Story About Its Danger



Kanayo O Kanayo Criticizes Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Renowned Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo has expressed strong criticism towards individuals who opt for Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.

Sharing a story he heard from a friend in the United States, the actor highlighted the tragic consequences of such procedures.

According to Kanayo, his friend recounted a disturbing incident where a man convinced his girlfriend to undergo BBL surgery. However, the young lady faced complications after the procedure and developed a severe infection.

The situation worsened to the point where her boyfriend couldn’t bear the foul smell emanating from the infection and couldn’t stay in the same room with her.

Tragically, the young lady passed away just a few days later. Kanayo expressed his dismay at the incident and strongly criticized any boyfriend who would encourage his daughter to undergo a similar ordeal.

He questioned the motivation behind willingly subjecting oneself to such pain in the pursuit of beauty and emphasized that the procedure is not worth it.

In a thought-provoking statement, Kanayo asked why husbands would not provide financial support for their wives to undergo bum enlargement surgery if it were truly beneficial.

He drew a parallel between the popularity of bum enlargement and secondary school relationships, highlighting that they often have a low chance of leading to marriage.

Full statement “If Bum Bum enlargement was profitable, why are husbands not giving their wives money to do it.? Bum Bum enlargement is like boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship in Secondary School , not upto the 3% end in marriage. Sadly, this Bum thing many of the ladies do not end as wives.”


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See some reactions below:

santus_chibueze: “My wife was born into a serious deeper life family, her ears weren’t opened from birth. I married her that way. We had our daughter and her ears were opened in the hospital there and my wife opened hers two years after having our first daughter. I was at work (off shore) one day she called me on video call and showed me she had opened her ears. I never pressured her nor asked her to open her ear nor wear trousers. Whenever she asked me if I will like her to opened her ears, I always told her that doesn’t matter to me because if it mattered I wouldn’t have dated nor married her. If the man doesn’t like you the way you are, tell him to go and hug transformer.”

kotokorchi: “Husband’s always protect their wife’s . I feel sorry for side-chicks. Thank you Sir.”

mr_dbbk: “It’s not only boyfriends that pays for it oh, Bob took the risk to pay for himself to do it instead of spending such on a girl, what a brave guy.”

kencherishcomedy: “Fear no go even allow me to tell uloaku to do yash knowing fully well who the father is. I love my life.”

funnyboneofficial: “Husbands actually sponsor bum bum enlargement now o. They actually do. Ike gwuru”

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