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“I would never do that” — Jaiye Kuti explains her 2023 comments



"I would never do that" -- Jaiye Kuti explains her 2023 comments

Jaiye Kuti, a prominent figure in Yoruba Nollywood, has refuted claims suggesting she denigrated veteran Nollywood stars who sought financial assistance online, clarifying that her prior remarks were misconstrued.

In 2023, the actress garnered attention for remarks addressing the trend of elderly Yoruba Nollywood veterans resorting to online pleas for financial support, sparking controversy within the industry.

However, in an interview with Legit, Jaiye Kuti clarified that her statements had been taken out of context.

She expressed admiration and respect for the veteran stars, acknowledging their instrumental role in paving the way for younger talents within the film industry. She adamantly emphasized that she would never degrade or belittle them.

The actress underscored that her initial comments aimed to advocate for the establishment of an insurance fund within the industry.

Jaiye Kuti stressed the necessity of a financial safety net to provide for aging Nollywood figures, recognizing their foundational contributions to the industry’s growth.

“Actually, what I was trying to achieve at the time was for our industry to have a purse for insurance.

“Our elders have been there; they started this job and helped lay the foundation of what many of us enjoy today, and for that reason, I would never ridicule them or speak down on them.

“I was only clamouring for insurance to take care of them in their old age.”

Addressing the repercussions of social media, Kuti highlighted the perils of online platforms, especially the harmful impact of faceless and malicious users.

She lamented the way some individuals on social media had attempted to tarnish her reputation during the incident, acknowledging the challenges posed by online trolls and their disregard for the humanity of public figures.