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“Genevieve is like Angelina Jolie” — Kate Henshaw



"Genevieve is like Angelina Jolie" -- Kate Henshaw

Renowned Nollywood veteran, Kate Henshaw, has shed light on the intricacies of her relationship with fellow actress Genevieve Nnaji, delving into past conflicts and recent reconciliations.

In an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Henshaw disclosed that she and Genevieve had encountered minor disagreements over the years. However, she revealed a recent rekindling of their rapport while collaborating on a Netflix production.

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During the conversation, the acclaimed actress highlighted Genevieve’s inclination to maintain a certain level of distance not only from her but also from other colleagues within the movie industry.

Henshaw drew parallels between Genevieve and the renowned American actress Angelina Jolie, noting similarities in their approach to navigating the entertainment world independently.

The Nollywood veteran said;

“But I respect her despite the fact that she pulls away. I think she is like an Angelina Jolie. She just wants to be on her own.”