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How we were able to end their unbeaten run — Pochettino



How we were able to end their unbeaten run -- Pochettino

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Chelsea, some might call karma, some might argue it was premium Monday night entertainment, but for Mauricio Pochettino, Chelsea‘s manager, it was a perfect return to North London to face his old side.

The reunion however did not work well for both sides as Spurs were left reeling from a 1-4 defeat after a number of VAR calls shifted the tides in favor of the Blues.

Speaking after the game, Maurico Pochettino had a lot to say about his return to his former club and also having to play a part in ending Tottenham’s unbeaten start to the premier league season.

Though the Argentine confessed to having aspirations of returning to the club in the future, the Monday night football was his present for Chelsea fans.

“We forced them to make mistakes, but Tottenham was better in the first 15 minutes,” Pochettino said of the match that resulted in 2 Spurs players being sent off.

The former Paris Saint-Germain boss also stressed how vital it was for his team to remain calm in moments of Spurs’ dominating start to the game after having conceded an early lead to Dejan Kulusevski’s opener.

“We are still building something; we need time to come against a team full of confidence and to concede after we started the game really badly.

“We were calm afterwards and forced them to make a mistake.”

The 1-4 win away to Tottenham leaves Chelsea in 10th place with 15 points after 11 games.