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Google launches Android auto 12.3 update



Google launches Android auto 12.3 update

Google has ramped up its Android Auto release cycle, evident with the swift rollout of version 12.3.

Initially launched in beta last week, the update has now transitioned to the stable channel, marking its availability for all users via the Google Play Store.

Android Auto 12.3 update is gradually rolling out to devices not enrolled in the beta program, following Google’s phased approach for automatic updates. Users can expect the update to reach their devices today, later this week, or within the next couple of weeks.

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For those eager to get their hands on Android Auto 12.3 immediately, the stable version can be downloaded today by sideloading the APK on their Android devices.

To install the Android Auto 12.3 update, simply download the APK file onto your smartphone, navigate to its location, and tap to start the update process. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation, ensuring you enable any necessary permissions if prompted for the first-time sideloaders.

While Google has not disclosed specific release notes for Android Auto 12.3, initial user reports suggest that the focus has been on refining underlying features rather than introducing major changes. Updates typically address reported bugs and performance enhancements without detailed release notes unless significant updates are included.

One ongoing issue reported by users involves message notifications breaking when connected to the head unit, persisting since the Android Auto 11.8 release earlier this year. Despite user workarounds, such as resetting app permissions, a definitive fix from Google remains awaited.

As Android Auto 12.3 reaches more users, feedback on any new features or issues encountered is encouraged to track improvements or potential new challenges in the user experience.

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