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Freedom of expression is exaggerated as Woman gets fired over Political beliefs



Freedom of expression is exaggerated as Lady suffers over beliefs

Often times, politicians champion rights over freedom of expression and belief but like every political statement, it’s all political without any authenticity in it.

In fact, if anything, freedom of expression is exaggerated and on its own, very much debatable, and this is what Regina Legum, a lady in Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria realized.

Her involvement in a solidarity rally for Labor Party presidential candidate cost her, her job as she opened up in an emotional video of how she received the sack letter by her boss.

Regina Legum revealed she worked as a hotel receptionist but on her off day, decided to join the 2 million-man march held in Port Harcourt for Peter Obi.

Freedom of expression is exaggerated as Lady suffers over beliefs

In the video she shared, Legum narrated how her boss called her when she returned to work the following day to hand her, her dismissal.

According to the lady, her boss ordered her to go and instead meet Peter Obi to give her another job.

Legum revealed in the video that she had recently gained admission to school and was running shifts as a receptionist to meet up with her fees only to receive dismissal from work.

Comedian, Koboko also helped share the lady’s video penning the caption;

”She got sacked by her boss for supporting Peter obi. I pray help comes her way.”

It’s probably the reality of many Nigerians who are slaves to another belief that aren’t possibly theirs but ultimately remain theirs to bear.