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Former Kaduna State Senator, Shehu Sani reveals what really happened



Shehu Sani

Former Kaduna Central District Senator, Shuhu Sani isn’t one who is known to be silent when it pertains to topically issues, and now he sets eyes wide open with insight into the latest terrorists attack in Southern Kaduna.

The terrorists were said to have attacked the Southern Kaduna area on Wednesday killing over 30 people with viral reports alleging that they had come in a helicopter.

But Kaduna State Government, on Thursday, debunked the reports of the aerial attack by terrorists, instead confirming that 32 persons were killed in the attack in Kajuru Local Government Area of the State.

It alleged that the much talked about helicopter belongs to the Nigerian Air Force, who had arrived to battle the bandits.

Over 150 bandits reportedly stormed the area on motorcycles, and proceeded to raze several houses, as they attacked and killed locals.

Shehu Sani, who also confirmed the killings, revealed that the NAF helicopter did not engage the bandits contrary to what the Kaduna State Government alleged.

“I was on call with a Kajuru youth leader who confirmed the massacre of 32 people by terrorists in Kaduna.

“The reported helicopter may not have belonged to the terrorists, but it deliberately refused to take action against the terrorists when they were killing and burning down houses,” he said.