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“It’s more what he doesn’t say” — Ferdinand opens up on the many beefs with Ronaldo



Ferdinand opens up on the many beefs with Ronaldo

Do they secretly hate him?

Rio Ferdinand, former Manchester United defender, has come up with theories alleging many beefs between top football talents and 5-time Ballon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The former Centre Backs proposed a theory regarding the purported tension between Thierry Henry and Cristiano Ronaldo. The conjecture stems from their encounters during their respective stints in the English Premier League.

Ronaldo’s arrival at Manchester United coincided with Ferdinand’s tenure at the club, following his transfer from Leeds United in 2002. Their partnership spanned six seasons at Old Trafford, yielding three Premier League titles and a coveted Champions League trophy.

During Ronaldo’s time in England, Henry faced off against him over four seasons before departing Arsenal for Barcelona. Their clashes, notably a heated fixture in February 2005 where Manchester United secured a 4-2 victory at Highbury, featured memorable moments.

“The way I see Thierry talk about Cristiano, it’s more what he doesn’t say. He doesn’t talk about him with any zest or spark. It’s like he’s downplaying Cristiano a lot.”

Ferdinand highlighted a particular incident from that match where Henry purportedly slapped Ronaldo on the back of his head, prompting a reaction from the Portuguese star. Ronaldo then went on to score the decisive goal, with Henry seemingly displaying a subdued demeanor towards him.

“There was a clip at Highbury when Henry slaps him on the back of his head or something like that and Cristiano pushes him off.

“Cristiano then scored the winner and Henry’s taking the kick-off with the goalscorer in the background.

“There seems like there’s a little bit of a subplot story that maybe makes it with Thierry and it’s probably still in his mind in moments like that.”

Ferdinand remarked on Henry’s demeanor towards Ronaldo, suggesting that his reserved attitude implies an underlying tension. He speculated that the incident at Highbury might still linger in Henry’s mind, contributing to their apparent discord.

Addressing Ronaldo Nazario’s rumored feud with Cristiano Ronaldo, Ferdinand suggested a potential source of conflict related to their shared name. He proposed that Ronaldo Nazario might harbor resentment towards Cristiano Ronaldo for “taking” his name, leading to animosity.

“There’s beef there somewhere you know. It’s cause of the name.

“I think because of the name, as if he says, ‘You took my name,’ so I have a problem with you.”