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Here is how much Ronaldo has made since his Saudi move



Here is how much Ronaldo has made since his Saudi move

While the world questioned his exit from Europe, Cristiano Ronaldo making an audacious move yielded all the right things the Portugal international could ask for despite the criticisms.

Just over a year ago, Ronaldo, a five-time Ballon d’Or winner, made headlines by departing Manchester United to embark on a pioneering move to the Gulf state’s league.

His transfer, confirmed on December 30, 2022, following a reported fallout with Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag and a revealing interview on Talk TV, signaled a new era in football’s global landscape.

Ronaldo’s move initially stood out as an outlier, but the subsequent influx of high-profile players like Neymar Jr, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, Karim Benzema, Jordan Henderson, and Riyad Mahrez to the Saudi Pro League has reshaped perceptions of the league’s appeal and financial clout.

Reports from Marca suggest that Ronaldo secured a staggering £177-million-a-year deal with Al Nassr, equating to approximately £3,403,846 per week. With around 60 weeks elapsed since his arrival, Ronaldo has reportedly earned a staggering sum of £204,230,769 during his tenure at the club.

Beyond financial gains, Ronaldo has also lauded the improved competitiveness of the Saudi Pro League since his arrival. Speaking at the Globe Soccer Awards, Ronaldo controversially compared the league favorably to France’s Ligue 1, stating that it had surpassed its European counterpart in terms of competitiveness.

His remarks sparked heated debates within the football community, with players like Eden Hazard refuting Ronaldo’s assertions. On John Obi Mikel’s Obi One Podcast, Hazard expressed disagreement with Ronaldo’s viewpoint, asserting the superiority of Ligue 1 teams over their Saudi counterparts.

Hazard highlighted the talent and pedigree of Ligue 1 teams, suggesting that while Saudi clubs might boast individual star players, French teams possess collective strength and competitive prowess.