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“He doesn’t care” — Wayne Rooney continues to shade Ronaldo



"He doesn't care" -- Wayne Rooney continues to shade Ronaldo

If there is anything on Wayne Rooney’s plate in the nearest future, it certainly does not have Cristiano Ronaldo on it. Their longstanding feud isn’t a new thing, and the England legend hasn’t done well to hide his honest feelings about the Portuguese icon.

Former Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has sparked controversy by labeling Cristiano Ronaldo, the forward for Al-Nassr, as ‘selfish’ in his approach to football.

Rooney’s comments come amidst a comparison between Ronaldo and his longtime rival Lionel Messi, with the former England captain suggesting that while Messi prioritizes creating goal-scoring opportunities for others, Ronaldo’s focus remains solely on scoring goals himself.

In a recent interview, ex-Chelsea winger Eden Hazard added fuel to the fire by asserting his belief that he is a superior ‘pure footballer’ compared to Ronaldo.

Rooney echoed Hazard’s sentiments during a conversation with YouTubers Lyes Bouzidi and CultureCams, stating,

“So for instance, Cristiano Ronaldo, his mindset is goals. He doesn’t care about anything else, it’s goals, that’s all he wants. Whereas you look at Messi, he wants to play a bit more. I suppose that’s what Hazard is saying, he liked to play – exactly like myself.”

Wayne Rooney has been known to be very open on his criticism about his former teammate, with the 5-time Golden Ball winner even picking an offence with Rooney at one point during his second stint at Manchester United.

It had provoked Ronaldo into calling out Rooney during his interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored, even accusing the Manchester United legend of jealousy.