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“Europe is not ready for this” — Prime Minister warns



"Europe is not ready for this" -- Prime Minister warns

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has issued a stark warning, declaring that Europe is currently in a “pre-war era” amidst escalating tensions with Russia, emphasizing the critical importance of Ukraine’s resistance against Russian aggression for the continent’s stability.

Tusk’s remarks follow Russia’s recent onslaught on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, prompting concerns of a wider conflict.

Despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claims of non-aggressive intentions towards NATO countries, Tusk cautioned against complacency, urging vigilance amid mounting hostilities.

The latest Russian attack, employing nearly 100 missiles and drones, targeted Ukraine’s vital energy facilities, causing significant disruptions and partial blackouts in several regions.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the assault as “missile terror,” warning of potential environmental catastrophes from attacks on hydro-electric power plants.

Reflecting on the gravity of the situation, Tusk emphasized the pivotal role of the next two years in determining the outcome of the conflict, describing it as the most critical period since World War II.

He underscored Russia’s evolving tactics, including the use of hypersonic missiles and baseless accusations to justify escalating violence against civilian targets in Ukraine.

In a call for enhanced European defense readiness, Tusk urged leaders to bolster military capabilities, stressing the need for greater self-sufficiency regardless of the outcome of the upcoming US presidential election.

He highlighted Poland’s commitment to defense spending, contrasting it with the shortfall in other European nations meeting NATO targets.

Tusk’s warnings echoed past concerns over Russian aggression, revealing discussions among EU leaders regarding the use of the term “war” in summit statements.

Despite apprehensions, Tusk emphasized the urgent need for mental preparedness for potential conflict, asserting that Europe must adapt to a new geopolitical reality.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s newly appointed commander-in-chief, Gen Oleksandr Syrskiy, acknowledged the overwhelming disparity in military capabilities between Ukrainian and Russian forces.

He lamented the loss of territory due to insufficient supplies but vowed resilience amidst the tense battlefronts.