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Funeral plans made for King Charles as Cancer battle lingers



Funeral plans made for King Charles as Cancer battle lingers

Amidst his ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer, plans for the eventual funeral of King Charles III of Britain have been meticulously arranged, according to royal insiders.

Despite his relatively brief reign of just 18 months since ascending to the throne on May 6, 2023, preparations for King Charles’ final resting place, titled “Operation Menai Bridge,” have been set in motion with a sense of urgency.

Sources close to the royal household, speaking to In Touch magazine, have revealed the significance of expediting such plans due to the deteriorating health of the monarch.

Speculation regarding the severity of King Charles’ condition has circulated among courtiers, with suggestions that his cancer may be more advanced than officially acknowledged.

“Operation Menai Bridge” is outlined to follow customary royal protocols, with arrangements for the monarch’s body to be transferred from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where it will lie in state.

Subsequently, the official funeral is scheduled to take place nine days after his passing, with interment likely to occur in the royal vault at Windsor Castle.

These developments come in the wake of Buckingham Palace’s announcement in February confirming King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis.

Although the specific type of cancer was initially undisclosed, there were conjectures linking it to prostate cancer, given its detection during a procedure addressing the monarch’s benign prostate enlargement.

However, a palace spokesperson clarified that prostate cancer was not the case.

Recent insights provided by a high-ranking royal insider to In Touch magazine have shed further light on the monarch’s health struggles, asserting that King Charles is indeed battling pancreatic cancer and has been given a bleak prognosis, with only a short time left to live.

The revelation of King Charles’ health condition has reportedly left the royal family grappling with the impending challenges, including the strain it places on the monarch’s ability to fulfill his duties and manage familial and institutional responsibilities.

Even Queen Camilla is said to be grappling with frustration over King Charles’ deteriorating health and the resulting strain on their dynamic.