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End of an era — Jurgen Klopp gives his last Liverpool presser



End of an era -- Jurgen Klopp gives his last Liverpool conference

Goodbyes are hard, but in life, goodbyes are a must and for Liverpool, they would be bidding a lot of goodbyes come Sunday as manager Jurgen Klopp and virtually all his team of coaches and assistant will all be departing the club this summer.

Ahead of the last game against Wolverhampton Wanderers, the Liverpool boss gave his last press conference to journalists as he marks his final sit down with the press.

Speaking on the final game on Sunday and how bitter-sweet it is going to be, Jurgen Klopp said to the press in quote;

“We had a barbecue here yesterday with the players. The day before with the staff from Chapel St. It’s a lot. Saying goodbye is never nice but saying goodbye without feeling sad or hurt, that would just mean the time we spent together was not great… and we had a great time.”

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The German also stressed on what the week has been like for him, saying to reporters; “It’s been the most intense week of my life.”

As already reported, Jurgen Klopp departs Liverpool with a lot of his staff team, and even a few olayers in the current team. On their respective exits, the German expressed a lot of pride in his team of coaches, stating;

End of an era -- Jurgen Klopp gives his last Liverpool conference

“Incredible coaches, very talented. A great choice.”  on assistant, Pep Lijnders and academy coach, Victor Matos going to Salzburg after the conclusion of the season.

Jurgen Klopp also spoke on the goal keeper coach John Achterberg who departs for Saudi Arabia to link up with Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.

“He joins Stevie (in Saudi Arabia). Good luck with that! Jack Robinson is leaving as well. Andreas Kornmayer will leave too. The future is bright for all of them.”

Stressing on the exit of Liverpool duo Joel Matip and Thiago Alcantara, the former Borussia Dortmund boss remarked on their impact in the team, stating;

End of an era -- Jurgen Klopp gives his last Liverpool conference

“Have you ever seen a better free transfer than Joel Matip? He’s ridiculously funny and a great man. Whoever gets him is a lucky club. World class and super humble. Thiago, in a parallel world I’d love to see his career without injuries. I thanked them for everything they did.”

And of course Jurgen Klopp isn’t one to shy away from having one final dig at his infamous opponents; premier league officiating. The German mocked the use of VAR as he supports the move to have the technology scrapped.

“In the way they use it, I would vote against it. I would vote for scrapping VAR.” Klopp reasoned.

The outgoing Liverpool boss goes on to point out what he will consider as the highlights of his Liverpool career and the highlights of the season. The German insists that the best football his side played in the current campaign was against Manchester City at Anfield, with the best goal in his time as manager coming from goal keeper Alisson Becker.

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“”The best football we played was against Man City this year. Best goal? Alisson Becker. Best assist? Trent Alexander-Arnold. Best save? Alisson v Napoli.” Klopp said.

Is there a chance at a Liverpool reunion in the future?

“It’s been nearly a decade of my life. How hard it’s going to be to say goodbye. I take fantastic memories with me. Relationships forever. It was the absolute opposite of a waste of time.” the German said to the press.

However, on a potential return to the club, Jurgen Klopp did not rule anything out.

“I don’t imagine the club will need me in the future but if the city needs me, I’m there.” the Liverpool manager says, playing coy and leaving things open to interpretation.

An era inevitably comes to an end.