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“Don’t call me Crossdresser, this is what I should be called” – Bobrisky says following gender change surgery



“Don’t call me Crossdresser, this is what I should be called” – Bobrisky says following gender change surgery

Controversial “crossdresser” Bobrisky has finally addressed the term he is popularly known for and called, “Crossdresser.”

The social media socialite took to her IG page to call out Instagram blogger, Instablog, for continuously referring to him as a crossdresser.

In his little write-up, he decided to clarify the terminologies, crossdresser, transgender, trans woman. Following his gender removal/change surgery, Bobrisky explained that he identified himself as a trans woman.

His revelation hoped to clarify the public regarding his previous identity. Bobrisky went on to point out the distinction between transgender individuals and trans women.

In his words;

“Now let me school you instablog

A cross dresser is a man who haven’t done any surgeries yet, a man associating himself with alot of women dresses, hair,makeup etc…

TRANSGENDER: trans are men who has done almost all d surgery to became a WOMAN. They have physically done almost all d surgeries, their boobs, face, hairline, body etc..but still have their pim pim there £4, In some cases many want to leave it there cos they want it that way.

TRANS WOMEN: A trans woman (short for transgender woman) is a woman who was assigned male at birth. Trans women have a female gender identity and may experience gender dysphoria (distress brought upon by the discrepancy between a person’s gender identity and their sex assigned at birth).[1] Gender dysphoria may be treated with gender affirming care . In other word trans women don’t have their pim pim anymore, they are now a woman . That’s who is bob. Hope you learned instablog”

See below;

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