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Diplomatic rift widens as allies of Israel condemn actions in Gaza



Diplomatic rift widens as Allies condemn Israeli actions in Gaza

Australia, Britain, and Poland, traditionally friendly towards Israel, have joined the chorus of voices demanding action to safeguard aid workers in Gaza, amplifying Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s diplomatic isolation over the conflict.

Amid mounting international pressure, Israel faces calls to address the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, which has been devastated by its offensive against Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group.

The conflict escalated following Hamas attacks on southern Israel on October 7, resulting in a reported 1,200 casualties according to Israeli sources.

The aftermath has left much of Gaza in ruins, displacing the majority of its 2.3 million inhabitants and claiming over 32,000 Palestinian lives, as reported by the health ministry in Hamas-ruled Gaza.

Accusations from the United Nations and other international bodies have pointed to Israeli bureaucratic hurdles hindering aid distribution and the failure to ensure the security of food convoys.

These concerns were underscored by a tragic incident on February 29, where around 100 individuals lost their lives while awaiting an aid delivery.

In response, Hamas, Gaza’s predominant faction, has blamed Israeli targeting of aid workers for hindering relief efforts.

Following the latest attack, Hamas issued a statement denouncing the airstrike as an attempt to intimidate international humanitarian agencies’ personnel, thereby deterring them from their vital missions.

José Andrés, the founder of World Central Kitchen (WCK), expressed profound sorrow and grief for the victims of the airstrike. He condemned the Israeli government’s restrictions on humanitarian aid, its targeting of civilians and aid workers, and the use of food as a weapon in the conflict.

Footage obtained by Reuters depicted the aftermath of the attack, showing significant damage to a WCK vehicle, paramedics transporting bodies to hospitals, and the display of victims’ passports.

Amid ongoing fighting in various areas, Gaza remains in a precarious state. Over the past 24 hours, Gaza health authorities reported 71 fatalities in Israeli strikes, highlighting the urgent need for a resolution to the conflict and the protection of civilians and aid workers alike.