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Are Israel deliberately ruining peacekeeping efforts in Gaza?



Are Israel deliberately ruining peacekeeping efforts in Gaza?

Israeli airstrikes that had erroneously targeted  aid workers delivering essential food supplies in Gaza, resulted in the deaths of at least seven individuals as admitted by Israel.

And as a side effect, in its aftermath, created a lot of narratives that the world’s governing council tries to debate on diplomatic terms and actions to ease the ongoing conflict between aggrieved regions of Palestine and Israel.

However, among the casualties of the airstrikes, brings in nationalities of other countries to the narrative who had reportedly lost their lives in an aid effort to a crisis torn Gaza.

According to reports, a U.S.-Canada dual citizen, as well as citizens from Australia, Poland, and the United Kingdom were in the mix, leaving Israel to deal with its global image considering citizens of countries sympathetic to the Israeli cause, were caught in the fire amidst the ever growing tension between Israel and Palestine.

This incident leaves yet another blow to humanitarian efforts in the besieged Palestinian territory and the calls for a ceasefire between the two warring camps.

As an effect of the airstrike, World Central Kitchen (WCK), the renowned charity founded by celebrity chef José Andrés, swiftly announced the immediate suspension of its operations in the region, which already leaves conspiracy theories flying about.

The decision dealt a significant setback to the recently established sea route for food aid, as ships carrying provisions sailed away from Gaza just a day after their arrival.

However, Israel attributes the airstrikes to an unfortunate accident, pledging to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

According to the United Nations, the recent incident adds to a grim toll, with at least 180 humanitarian workers having lost their lives in the ongoing conflict.

The United States, a staunch supporter of Israel’s military endeavors against Hamas in Gaza, had viewed the sea route as a potential avenue to increase food supplies to the territory. However, in northern Gaza, the United Nations has sounded the alarm, warning that a significant portion of the population teeters on the brink of starvation.

Meanwhile, South Africa brought forth some serious accusations against Israel, when they alleged that the Middle Eastern nation was carrying acts of genocide in its conduct of the war in Gaza. The country has taken its grievances to the highest court of the United Nations, despite Israel vehemently denying the charges.

Since its onset nearly six months ago, Israel’s war in Gaza has exacted a heavy toll on Palestinian lives, with the territory’s Health Ministry reporting nearly 33,000 casualties.

While the ministry’s tally does not differentiate between civilians and combatants, it notes that women and children constitute a significant majority of the deceased.

The conflict erupted on October 7, when Hamas-led militants launched a violent incursion into southern Israel, resulting in widespread casualties and hostage-taking.