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Benjamin Mendy cleared of all rape charges



Benjamin Mendy cleared off all rape charges

Not all is ever as they seem, and for former Manchester City defender, Benjamin Mendy, he may have the court to thank for making him a free man once again.

Benjamin Mendy, the former Manchester City player, has been cleared of rape and attempted rape charges after a retrial. The 28-year-old footballer, who was released by Manchester City last month, shed tears of relief as he was found not guilty at Chester Crown Court.

Mendy had faced accusations of attacking two women during lockdown parties that took place in October 2020. The retrial specifically focused on one count of rape and one count of attempted rape. After three hours of deliberation, the jury unanimously cleared the Frenchman of both charges.

This verdict follows a previous trial where Mendy was also found not guilty on other charges. The recent acquittal marks the second time that he has been tried and cleared by a jury.

Benjamin Mendy expressed his gratitude to the jury for carefully considering the evidence presented during the trial, rather than being swayed by rumors and innuendo that have surrounded the case since its inception.

Jenny Wiltshire, head of serious and general crime at Hickman & Rose solicitors, issued a statement on behalf of Benjamin Mendy. She conveyed his appreciation to the jury for arriving at the correct verdicts in both trials.

Benjamin Mendy has endured a challenging three-year period since the police initiated the investigation. He has attempted to remain strong throughout the process, but the ordeal has undoubtedly had a profound impact on him.

Benjamin Mendy cleared off all rape charges

Mendy also extended his gratitude to all those who have supported him during this difficult time and requests privacy as he endeavors to rebuild his life.

Benjamin Mendy, who became the world’s most expensive defender when Manchester City signed him from AS Monaco for £52 million in 2017, enjoyed a successful stint with the club.

He contributed to the team’s achievements, including winning three Premier League titles, two EFL Cups, and being part of France’s World Cup-winning squad in 2018. However, following his release by Manchester City, Mendy is currently without a club.

The acquittal brings closure to the legal proceedings and allows Mendy to shift his focus toward the future. While the allegations and subsequent trials have undoubtedly taken a toll on him, the jury’s decision affirms his innocence in the eyes of the law. Mendy will now seek to move forward and rebuild his life away from the courtroom.

The case surrounding Benjamin Mendy’s rape charges and subsequent retrial highlights the significance of due process and the role of the judicial system in ensuring justice.

The acquittal serves as a reminder of the importance of allowing legal processes to unfold, free from prejudgment or presumption of guilt, and upholding the principle of innocent until proven guilty.