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Manchester United fans answer the big ‘dilemma’



Manchester United fans answer the big 'dilemma'

Arsenal or Manchester City? Manchester United fans find themselves having a big dilemma on who they would rather win the league between both clubs who stand as big rivals to the Red Devils.

With Liverpool falling behind and the battle for the top spot now seemingly between Arsenal and defending champions City, the dilemma has been eased but tensions are running high among the Red Devils faithful.

City, trailing Arsenal by just one point with a game in hand, are poised to potentially secure a historic fourth consecutive Premier League title.

As the pivotal match-ups approach, with City facing Wolves and Arsenal hosting Bournemouth, Manchester United supporters find themselves grappling with an uncomfortable reality.

Not only are they confronted with the prospect of one of their arch-rivals claiming the league crown, but they’re also enduring a lackluster season themselves under Erik ten Hag’s management, currently languishing in sixth place, a considerable 26 points adrift from table-topping Arsenal.

In a bid to gauge fan sentiment, sports publication, SPORTbible conducted a poll among United supporters to discern their preferred victor between City and Arsenal.

The results, drawn from over 63,000 responses, yielded a surprising outcome: 61 percent of United fans expressed a preference for Arsenal to clinch the title this season, leaving 39 percent in favor of City’s potential fourth consecutive triumph.

Various reasons were offered to justify these preferences. Some argued that a City victory would quickly fade into oblivion, while an Arsenal win would inevitably subject United fans to incessant taunts.

Others pointed to the historical rivalry with Arsenal, spanning back to the early years of the Premier League, as a factor in their decision-making process.

However, amidst the diverse range of opinions, one sentiment emerged distinctly: regardless of personal preferences, United fans are united in their hope for a swift reversal of fortunes. They long for a return to the days when it’s their club contending for the title, rather than spectating from the sidelines.