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League 2 Player: Roy Keane continues his attack on Erling Haaland



League 2 Player: Roy Keane continues his attack on Haaland

Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane has ignited controversy with his recent comments on Erling Haaland’s performance, describing the Manchester City forward’s general play as akin to that of a League Two player.

Keane’s remarks came in the wake of Haaland’s subdued display against Premier League rivals Arsenal, where Manchester City managed just one attempt on goal.

Speaking on Sky Sports shortly after the match, Keane didn’t hold back in his assessment of the Norwegian international.

“The levels of his general play are so poor,” Keane remarked. “For such a player, it is so poor. He’s almost like a League Two player.”

Despite acknowledging Haaland’s prowess in front of goal, Keane emphasized the need for improvement in other aspects of his game.

These comments drew a sharp response from Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, who vehemently defended Haaland, labeling him as “the best striker in the world” and emphasizing his contributions to the team’s success.

Now, nearly two weeks after the initial critique, Keane has doubled down on his stance. Speaking on the Stick To Football podcast, Keane reiterated his views on Haaland’s general play, asserting that while the striker excels in scoring goals, his overall contribution to the team falls short.

“His general play, week in, week out is nowhere near good enough. As a goal scorer and a striker, [he is] the best – and I said that. His link-up play, the way he lays the ball off, sometimes the options he gives his teammates or the options he doesn’t give them – as a striker and a goal scorer the best in the world, but his other play is that of a League Two player.”

Keane’s remarks found support from Jamie Carragher, another regular on the podcast, who acknowledged Haaland’s prowess as a goal scorer but highlighted his limitations in other aspects of the game.

Carragher suggested that Haaland’s style of play may not align with Manchester City’s tactics, as the team possesses other players adept at link-up play.

The debate surrounding Haaland’s performance underscores the ongoing scrutiny faced by top-level footballers, with opinions varying widely among pundits and fans alike.