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Apple rejects Epic Games store submission in EU twice



Apple rejects Epic Games store submission in EU twice

Epic Games‘ attempt to bring the Epic Games Store to the European Union has encountered significant obstacles, as Apple has rejected its submission twice, citing design similarities with Apple’s own App Store.

The rejections, highlighted in posts by Epic on X (formerly Twitter), focused on issues like the position of the “Install” button and the “in-app purchase” label, which Apple argued were too similar to its “Get” button and label.

Epic Games responded by accusing Apple of being “arbitrary, obstructive, and in violation of the DMA,” and reported its concerns to the European Commission.

The company emphasized that it was following standard naming conventions used across other popular app stores. This high-profile case demonstrates the stringent measures Apple may employ under the new EU rules permitting third-party app stores on iOS, potentially deterring other developers from creating their own distribution channels.

Apple, in its defense, stated that it is assisting Epic in launching its Games Store, referencing a clause in their developer agreement that Epic agreed to, which prohibits the Games Store from appearing confusingly similar to the App Store.

Apple noted that Epic generally adhered to this guideline, except for the design and text of the download button. Additionally, Apple confirmed that the Fortnite app has already been approved.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) requires Apple to allow third-party app stores on the iPhone, as Apple is designated a “gatekeeper” under EU law. This regulation also permits developers to reduce commissions on in-app purchases on the App Store, though they must still pay fees under a new structure that compensates Apple for its technology.

Epic Games has long sought a way to reach iPhone users without paying Apple’s in-app purchase commissions, taking the case to U.S. courts, where it mostly lost.

Despite this setback, Epic continued to press its complaints in the EU, leading to a temporary termination of its developer account before regulators stepped in.

Epic Games is determined to launch Fortnite on iOS and iPad in the EU and bring its Games Store to the market, despite these challenges.

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