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EU charges Apple over App store rules, alleging DMA violation



EU Charges Apple Over App Store Rules: DMA Violation

The European Union has formally accused Apple of violating its new digital competition law, marking the first charges under the Digital Markets Act (DMA) which aims to foster competition in digital markets.

Announced on Monday, the charges allege that Apple’s App Store policies restrict developers from freely directing users to alternative payment methods and communicating outside offers.

According to EU competition authorities, Apple’s rules within the App Store prohibit developers from displaying pricing information or linking to external purchasing options.

Additionally, the EU contends that the fees Apple imposes are excessive and unnecessary.

Apple has maintained confidence in its compliance with the DMA, having previously stated that it incorporated feedback from both EU officials and developers.

These charges follow the EU’s investigation into Apple’s App Store practices initiated in March, part of broader probes into Meta and Google’s adherence to the same regulations.

The EU charges against Apple are preliminary findings under the DMA, signalling the EU’s view that Apple may have violated the rules, though a final determination has yet to be made. If found in breach, Apple could face fines of up to 10% of its global revenue.

Additionally, the EU has announced a new investigation into Apple’s App Store business model, including concerns over a recently introduced core technology fee that developers argue could hinder their ability to leverage new opportunities under the DMA.

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