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50 Cent sues Ex Daphne Joy for $1 million



50 Cent sues Ex Daphne Joy for $1 million

Rapper 50 Cent has initiated legal action against his ex-girlfriend, Daphne Joy, for defamation after she accused him of physical abuse and rape.

The lawsuit, filed on Monday, May 6, alleges that Daphne Joy made these accusations in an attempt to gain sole custody of their 11-year-old son, Sire.

On the allegations, 50 Cent claims that Daphne Joy made the move as retaliatory ploy after he sought sole custody of Sire following her involvement in a sex trafficking lawsuit against Diddy.

In the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, 50 Cent asserts that Joy’s public accusations have tarnished his business reputation and harmed his ongoing child custody case.

The rapper’s legal counsel issued a statement condemning Joy’s actions, accusing her of interfering with Sire’s relationship with his father by falsely labeling him as a “rapist.”

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This legal dispute unfolds amidst a broader series of allegations and lawsuits involving Diddy, where Joy was implicated as a “sex worker.” Joy vehemently denied these claims, dismissing them as “character assassination.”

In response, she accused 50 Cent of rape and criticized his parenting, claiming he had been an absent father to Sire.

Joy’s public accusations prompted 50 Cent’s legal team to demand a retraction, which Joy refused to comply with.

Now, 50 Cent seeks damages exceeding $1 million for defamation and requests a court order to remove the posts Daphne Joy made and prevent further defamatory comments.

The former couple, who dated from 2011 to 2012, parted ways shortly after the birth of their son, Sire.