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Internet Wars: 50 Cent reignites feud with Madonna



Internet Wars: 50 Cent reignites feud with Madonna

In a never-ending spat between two prominent pop icons, rapper 50 Cent has once again taken to social media to mock pop star Madonna, this time zeroing in on her physical appearance.

The feud between the two public figures has been ongoing, with 50 Cent reigniting the tension on Instagram.

On Friday, 50 Cent posted side-by-side photos comparing Madonna, dressed in a silver bodysuit, performing on stage, to an animated black insect.

He didn’t stop at visuals, as his caption went personal, specifically targeting Madonna’s appearance, particularly her rear end.

He wrote,

50 Cent mocks Madonna over her plastic surgery

“Who the f*** did this? She’s rich, how the hell she didn’t get it fixed 🤨I want the f***ing doctor’s name right now. I mean damn it, man! LOL.”

Madonna has remained silent in response to 50 Cent’s latest jabs, but given their history of public feuds, it’s safe to assume she might be feeling somewhat irritated by the rapper’s antics.

This feud has had several public episodes in the past, with 50 Cent previously posting controversial content on his social media accounts.

In June 2022, he shared a racy snapshot of Madonna alongside images of aliens, suggesting that Madonna should “chill out” at the age of 63. However, he later deleted that post.

Going further back to December 2021, 50 Cent took a swipe at Madonna’s age, commenting on photos she had posted online.

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He wrote,

“Yo, this is the funniest s***! LOL. That’s Madonna under the bed trying to do ‘Like a Virgin’ at 63. She shot out, if she don’t get her old a** up. LMFAO.”

Madonna, in a lengthy response to his previous jabs, accused 50 Cent of pretending to be her friend before attempting to humiliate her on social media to gain attention.