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2 Okada Bikers lure Nursing Mother to Hotel, Murder her to Steal her Child



2 Okada Bikers lure Nursing Mother to Hotel, Murder her to Steal her Child

Crime, crime and crime all again, but this time involves 2 Okada bikers who allegedly lured a nursing mother into a hotel to murder her and steal her child.

The reports say the child was eventually sold for N150,000 with the suspects currently in police detention in Abia State.

The victim, Chihurumnaya Udeh, had her life taken by the 2 suspects after being lured to Merry Home hotels in the Ogbor Hill area of Abia State on April 15, 2022.

This was revealed by the Abia State Commissioner of Police, CP Janet Agbede.

She revealed that on the day of the crime, the suspects identified as Chimaobi Anyim Kalu, 25, and David Ogwo Orji, 21, connived and killed Chihurumnaya Udeh.

They proceeded to abscond with her 11-months old child.

The proprietor of the hotel on discovering the crime reported to the Police of the corpse of the then unidentified female who was described as having sharp cuts on her neck in one of the hotel rooms.

The Commissioner revealed the suspects were eventually caught and arrested between May 15th and 16th, 2022.

She revealed the suspects confessed to administering drug which was a mixture of yoghurt spiked with 8 tablets of piriton tablets on their victim.

After the deceased took the yoghurt, she became dizzy, unconscious and slept off.

The suspects then reportedly stabbed her on the neck with a broken glass cup which led her death.

They duo also confessed to selling the baby for N150,000 which they shared equally.

The Commissioner proceeded to reveal that plans were underway to arrest other fleeing suspects, identified as a man and a lady that could lead to the recovering of the 11-months old child.

It is a tragic one; for the deceased mother and for the child who in some meaningless act is rendered motherless or perhaps orphaned.