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Drama at the Hospital as Doctor slaps Nurse



Drama at the Hospital as Doctor slaps Nurse

Drama at the Hospital as Doctor slaps Nurse

Scenes can be staged in a hospital, and one among real life medical practitioners, and this one involves an alleged case of a Doctor who slaps a Nurse.

It is an incident that has provoked the management of the National Hospital Abuja to set up a panel to look into it as the allegation was leveled against Doctor Atinko-Sunday Ikeya.

It was revealed last Friday that the FCT chapter of the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives had demanded justice after Dr. Ikeya assaulted Ebalu Marvis, a nurse.

Marvis had apparently been going about her duties at the hospital before she was assaulted by the Doctor, according to a statement the Chairman of the association, Deborah Yusuf, released to journalists in Abuja.

Yusuf alleged that on June 13, Ikeya had disregarded the medical and professional code of conduct guiding medical practitioners and had “physically and verbally assaulted the nurse working as a colleague with him at the hospital.”

According to the reports, the accused medical doctor insisted the nurse leave a patient she was attending to and dress the wound of another patient in the female medical ward.

But to the nurse’s defense, she couldn’t right away seeing as she was attending to a patient on Naso Gastric tube feeding.

“Atinko (Ikeya) went ahead and accosted Marvis, who was at the point of wheeling a medication trolley out of the ward. The next thing that followed can only be imagined for a horrendous scene in a horror film as he slapped her,” the chairman revealed.

According to Dr Tayo Haastrup, the Hospital’s spokesperson, he revealed the hospital had set up a panel to address the incident.

“We have set up a panel of investigation on this and we have appealed to both sides to exercise patience until we unravel the truth of what transpired,” he revealed.

Although the Doctor under accusation of assault, denied the allegations with his own quote, saying:

“But the only thing I will tell you is that I wouldn’t do such a thing,” Ikeya added.


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