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Zodwa Libram Wabantu sniffs her fingers into her vagina and smells in public (video)



Zodwa Libram Wabantu

South African dancer, Zodwa Libram Wabantu, has sparked outrage after a video surfaced of her dipping her fingers in her genital area and sniffing them in public.

The scandalous incident occurred while the performer was seated in the company of others, casually chatting with them before suddenly lifting her leg and reaching for her private parts.

In the disturbing footage, the 36-year-old dancer can be seen boldly plunging her fingers into her lady parts, pausing momentarily to sniff them, and then nonchalantly continuing with her conversation. The video has since gone viral on social media, drawing mixed reactions from viewers worldwide.

Many have condemned Wabantu’s lewd behavior, labelling it as indecent and disrespectful. Some have even gone further to suggest that her actions were a form of sexual assault, as they were carried out in full view of unsuspecting bystanders.

Wabantu, who is known for her daring performances and risqué behavior, has not yet commented on the video. However, this is not the first time that she has been embroiled in controversy. Last year, she caused a stir after appearing at an event without wearing any underwear.

The video has since sparked a heated debate about the boundaries of public decency and appropriate behavior in South African society. Some have called for Wabantu to face legal repercussions for her actions, while others have defended her right to express herself freely.

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