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“Super Mario Bros. Movie” Hits $200 million After Release



The “Super Mario Bros. Movie” becomes the most successful video game adaptation in history as after it release  on Wednesday it hits  $200 million.


The film, which starred Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, and Jack Black as Bowser, has been praised by both fans and critics for its fun and lighthearted take on the classic video game franchise.


“Super Mario Bros. Movie” has also benefited from a successful marketing campaign, which included a series of engaging trailers and teasers that generated buzz and excitement among fans.


The film’s producer, Shigeru Miyamoto, who is also the creator of the “Super Mario Bros.” franchise, expressed his joy at the film’s success, stating that “it’s been an incredible journey to bring Mario and his world to the big screen, and we’re thrilled to see that audiences are enjoying the film.”

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