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YouTube lists top Nigerian wedding dance entrances



Who loves Nigerian weddings like we do?

Weddings are interesting parts of the Nigerian culture and a lot of careful planning goes into every detail.

From the selection of a wedding pnner to work with, the pre-wedding photos, sending out invitations, finalizing and distributing the aso-ebi and gifts, to the wedding day proper and these days, guests are also quickly introduced to the hashtag for the wedding so they can create a huge buzz on social media.

Across the world, a party is termed incomplete without entertainment.

Here are seven videos curated by YouTube based on the styles of the wedding dance entrances and the number of views on dance entrances as the top Nigerian wedding dance entrances.

Dr SID, his groomsmen and a few friends decided to surprise his bride with a choreographed dance.

At this Ademuwagun wedding, the bridesmaids and groomsmen danced to different music genres

Yomi Casual, a Nigerian designer, tied the knot with his sweetheart in style – he and his bride came into the reception hall in a car

Okey & Chinelo’s wedding featured the bride and her bridesmaids showing off their choreographed moves in cultural style

Yemi and Mayowa reception dance: A group dance with each groomsman and bridesmaid taking turns to demonstrate their dance moves

Full choreographed dance sessions by the newly-weds, bridesmaids and groomsmen

This Nigerian wedding dance entrance is sure to entertain

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