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Former Retail Worker Makes £12.3 Million By Playing Video Games



Former Retail Worker Makes £12.3 Million By Playing Video Games



I am writing this post with the hope that my parents read it and feel bad for all the times they stopped me from playing video games. And not only feel bad, but also issue an apology to me. If they had not precluded me from playing games and supported me fully, I would have been worth £12.3 Million today.

That’s exactly what Dan Middleton, a former retail company worker earned filming himself playing video games online. Today, he is the richest YouTuber for the year 2017.

The 26-year-old who puts footage on video site YouTube of computer games he is playing and describes what is happening, makes money from advertising on the videos and is classed as a professional ‘YouTuber’.

26-year-old Man named richest YouTuber for 2017 after he made over ?12 million by just playing video games

Middleton, known as DanTDM to his millions of young fans, is watched by more than 16million people and his videos have been watched more than 10billion times.

He began his empire during his studies by filming himself playing popular adventure game Pokemon and his videos now mainly focus on Minecraft – a computer animated game where players build a world out of blocks.

Middleton, who is now married, holds the Guinness World Record for ‘most views for a dedicated Minecraft video channel’.

Mummy and Daddy, I hope you are happy now? There’s a lot to gain from facing your passion and doing what you love most.

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