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Why I can’t date men who work 9 to 5 – South African podcaster, Nicole spills



Popular South African Youtuber and Podcaster, Nicole Engelbrecht has disclosed her turn-off when it comes to choosing a man to date.

Nicole revealed this during a recent episode of Sip or Spill podcast with her friend.

The YouTuber, gave her definition of a broke man, stating that she can never date a man of such status.

She stated that a man who has a 9-5 job falls under the category of a broke man.

According to her, any man who wakes up by 5 am daily to prepare for work and earns 12 Rands monthly is a no-go area for her.

She also added that if his salary is under 50,000 Rands (over a Million Naira) then she would not accept to date him.

Watch her statement below…

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