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“Why dating Older Women is my thing” — Chike



"Why dating Older Woman is my thing" -- Chike

Chike Ezekpeazu Osebuka, popularly known as Chike, stirred conversations during his appearance on the Unpack Podcast hosted by NAY, where he disclosed his inclination towards relationships with older women.

The 30-year-old singer, renowned for tracks like ‘Running To You,’ delved into his preference, attributing it to his observation that many younger women struggle with effective communication. He expressed his belief that women tend to refine their communication skills as they age, making them more compatible partners.

Chike articulated,

“Most can’t communicate properly. The time you start finding a woman who can communicate, they are slightly advanced in age. Not a girl of 23 years.”

He emphasized the disparity in understanding and priorities, stating,

“Imagine I’m running around with some 23-year-old, what’s she going to handle? What’s she going to understand? She just wanna take pictures and be on Instagram and tell everybody that she’s dating you.”

The singer underscored the rarity of finding younger women who possess a level of maturity but highlighted that such qualities are more commonly found in older women.

He reasoned that older women often bring a certain level of maturity and understanding to relationships, which aligns with his personal goals.

Chike delved into his own experiences, revealing that his past relationships had been with partners older than him. He asserted his disinterest in dating significantly younger individuals, emphasizing that his interactions with younger women often remain platonic due to differing life visions.

He stressed the importance of shared visions and maturity levels in relationships, noting,

“Our visions are just not the same.”

Additionally, Chike highlighted his preference for conversing with career-oriented younger women, specifying,

“The only younger women I can talk to are career women who I know that are dedicated, they are trying to do something. Not the ones that are not doing anything.”

Moreover, he opened up on the significance of having the right partner for a relationship, recognizing the potential consequences it holds for his life and success.

Chike admits that selecting an incompatible partner could potentially lead to personal loss and emphasized the significance of emotional compatibility over financial considerations in his relationships.