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“Why Arsenal will not win the Premier League” — Jamie Carragher



"Why Arsenal will not win the Premier League" -- Jamie Carragher

Despite sitting on top of the premier league table without having played their best football, Arsenal still has a couple of doubting thomases standing firm on the opinion that the Gunners do not have what it takes to go the mile.

The Gunners’ rise to the top of the Premier League table has drawn criticism from Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, who believes the Gunners’ reliance on narrow-margin victories could hinder their title aspirations. Carragher shared his perspective following Arsenal’s hard-fought 1-0 win against Brentford during a segment on Monday Night Football.

Under Mikel Arteta’s guidance, Arsenal currently lead the league standings, holding a one-point advantage over second-placed Manchester City. However, Carragher pointed out that Arsenal’s pattern of securing five out of nine victories by slim one-goal margins might not be sustainable for a successful title challenge.

Expressing his reservations, Carragher emphasized the need for Arsenal to clinch victories with more convincing performances, especially when compared to the dominance exhibited by teams like Manchester City.

“We’re still only a third of the way through the season, but I think if Arsenal continue how they are, if this is the Arsenal we’re going to see this season, I don’t think they can win the league,” Carragher stated during the analysis.

Carragher highlighted the precarious nature of narrow victories, citing instances such as Aaron Ramsdale’s error and the close chances Brentford created in their recent encounter with Arsenal. He cautioned that relying on slim-margin wins could easily lead to unfavorable outcomes, with games ending 1-0 potentially swinging in the opposition’s favor.

The critique from Carragher reflects a belief that for Arsenal to mount a serious challenge against top contenders like Manchester City, they’ll need to secure victories with more authority and avoid relying excessively on tight-scoreline outcomes.