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Jesus divides Arsenal fans with new comments



Jesus divides Arsenal fans as new statement comes to light

Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus has ignited a fervent discussion among fans following his candid admission about his goal-scoring abilities, leaving supporters divided on social media.

The Brazilian striker, who recently returned from a hamstring injury to feature in Wednesday’s disappointing 1-0 loss against Argentina, is set to conclude 2023 without netting a goal for his national team.

Jesus’s sole goal for Brazil over the past four years was registered in a friendly match against South Korea back in June 2022, leaving his recent goal drought a cause for concern among supporters.

In a conversation with local media following the Argentina match, the 26-year-old opened up about his evolving perspective since the 2018 World Cup, highlighting a shift in his mentality and priorities.

“There are aspects that troubled me during the post-2018 World Cup period. I was younger, with a different mindset,” Jesus reflected. “Today, I am more mature, with a deeper understanding of my priorities, especially in football and for the Brazilian national team.”

Acknowledging his limitations in front of goal, Jesus stated,

“I believe that scoring goals is not my strongest suit, but I contribute in other ways, aiding the team. It’s about work; when goals come, they will. I don’t respond to criticism or praise as I used to.”

Arsenal fans expressed a spectrum of reactions upon realizing Jesus is Mikel Arteta’s preferred choice in the striking position. Critiques surfaced regarding the team’s dynamics, with concerns voiced over a goalkeeper’s focus, a defender’s defensive prowess, and now a forward’s goal-scoring capabilities.

Supporters took to social media to voice their thoughts, with one stating,

“We have a goalkeeper who can’t focus, a defender who doesn’t like defending, and a striker who can’t score.”

Another fan expressed disbelief, saying, “Can’t believe we’ve had a striker say this.”

However, amidst the debate sparked by Jesus’s remarks, some defended the player, emphasizing his overall contributions beyond scoring goals. Nevertheless, the discourse reflects growing concerns among Arsenal supporters about the team’s performance and the efficacy of its key players.

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