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Why Arsenal continue to use ‘Time Wasting’ tactics



Why Arsenal continue to use 'Time Wasting' tactics

In a fiercely contested Premier League encounter against Brentford, the unorthodox corner tactics by Arsenal took center stage, triggering debates over their effectiveness.

Mikel Arteta’s side persistently opted for a prolonged short-corner routine during their clash at the Gtech Community Stadium, eliciting mixed reactions due to its time-consuming nature. Despite the tactic’s intentions to unsettle opponents and create opportunities, the overall success rate appeared lacking against Brentford’s resilient defense.

The Gunners’ penchant for delaying corners had previously drawn attention, notably highlighted by Sky pundit Gary Neville during their match against Everton in September. Neville observed Arsenal’s deliberate delay in taking corners, inciting frustration among fans and prompting discussions about its purpose.

Arteta addressed the criticism, emphasizing the tactic’s role in manipulating opponents’ defensive setups to exploit spaces.

Why Arsenal continue to use 'Time Wasting' tactics

“It’s about creating a story in the game, and the players have to sense when is the best moment to do it,” explained Arteta, defending the unconventional approach.

However, despite Arsenal’s persistence with these tactics against Brentford, they encountered difficulties in breaking down their opponent’s strong defensive line, particularly from set-pieces. Yet, a late 89th-minute header by Kai Havertz secured a crucial victory, marking his inaugural open-play goal for the Gunners.

The prolonged corner routines, perceived by some as time-wasting, sparked discontent among spectators, with social media buzzing with criticism over the extended durations taken during set-pieces. Fans expressed bewilderment at Arsenal’s deliberate delay tactics, especially when the match was level at 0-0.

Nevertheless, despite the controversy and a performance that lacked conviction, Arsenal managed to clinch all three points against Thomas Frank’s side, propelling them to the summit of the Premier League standings.